Two Jobs or one?

Listening to the news last week, I heard that there were MPs in our Government in the UK were taking up  two jobs rather than one. I thought I would write about this as it is a rather interesting subject as it raises many issues and questions.  Here are my thoughts

Why would anyone particularly those on alot of money have more than one job? is it OK for anyone to have more than one job?

Well if someone is on a low income to keep the wolves from the door they may well need to have more than one job, and that’s understandable but it must be exhausting for some. Unfortunately in the UK there are many jobs which have minimal hours.  I know there was a job going for 10 hours a week in a supermarket which I thought was ridiculous but for someone who need another job that would be suitable.

As someone who is currently out of work and has a dual disability one job would be really appreciated, having two too difficult for many reasons, least of all juggling transport.

I’m sure many who are out of work would appreciate having just one job and seeing MPs on such high salaries would beg the question why do they need another job when we don’t have ONE. and having to survive on such a small amount of money too and the MPs are on such huge amounts  of money.

Here’s the problem an MP is most likely to serve a minimum of four years after that its all down to us voters to decide whether they will stay in their job or not.  What would I do if I had a job for the minimum of four years, it’s not necessarily job security is it unless I earn  more years in the job through my constituents votes?  Quite an issue methinks.

There are some MPs who were GPs or nurses or in jobs where regular updates in training is necessary. and some may want to keep that up if they lose their job, and I think that’s fair, it also means they still are not far removed from what’s going on for people in their everyday life, instead of being just an MP where they can become far removed from reality, which I think can happen to MPs once they become ministers.

The trouble is what happens when most of their time is taken up with their other job rather than serving their constituents in the house of commons or surgeries, should they really be an MP?  Labour MP Rachel Reeves MP put it well when she said on BBC Question Time

I think our job is to represent our constituents.  It’s a full time job, that’s what we were elected to do.” .

That’s the point if they are representing us, what are they doing working elsewhere.  If a constituent wants to see an MP and that MP  are away  working on a building site,  are they really serving the public therefore fulfilling their role as an MP?  I don’t think so.

I get that MPs jobs are not secure, but whose is these days.  I get some want to keep up their training and I get that, and equally I understand that some MPs want to show that they are still approachable and continue in jobs where they are still in contact with the general public on a regular basis other than at a  surgery.  But £60,000 a year over a 4 year period is alot of money, particularly if they have spouses/partners too who are also bringing in money.  And for many MPs there will be more opportunities once they leave parliament in all sorts of sectors.   How many times have you heard of an ex minister or MP being offered a job with a huge salary elsewhere.

In conclusion I don’t think MPs should have a second job unless it doesn’t take up alot of time and as long as it doesn’t impact on the work they do for their constituents.  Me being the contrarian person that I am, I suppose you would expect that conclusion, but I think that’s a fair view, you may think differently, so what do you think?